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Cut it out-Knit dress

Good morning guys! I am running late again. This week it’s another McCalls pattern M8253. I absolutely love it. I don't sew with knits terribly often, but I think I will a lot more this year cause they come together pretty quickly for the most part.

African print Jersey dress, tropical dress, cut out knit dress

I’m obsessed with this fabric that ai got from Etsy, that I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on.

I found that Etsy is a great resource for fabrics especially for African print, and you can typically find Lycra but not Jersey. When I initially ordered this I assumed it would be Lycra and had planned on making a bathing suit. I was pleasantly surprised and knew immediately what to do with it.

Side note. I just “discovered“ the Row in downtown L.A. and this is where I will be taking pictures. So many great locations for pictures. I started slow with the parking lot because I’m still a little shy about taking my own pics in public (I shouldn’t be because everyone is doing it now) but soon I intend to be a pro at it.

Pictures of my shoot below:


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