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Becoming "Cat-woman"

I have yet to see the new Batman, but it's recent theatrical release definitely inspired the "need" for a catsuit. This one is a pretty good transition into your closet for multipurpose use. I went with McCall's pattern M7910.

McCall's patterns have gotten so much more intriguing lately. The thing I love about this one is the customizability of it. It's a mix and match pattern so you can make it suit your needs. I chose view 1+ View 4. It's a very easy sew--- a couple of hours at best. The material I used is a stretch panne velvet in plum that I obtained from Joann's. In person in certain lighting, it tends to skew more burgundy but still quite delicious. I found that the pattern ran a little big and I could have gotten away with sewing a size smaller since I was using stretch fabric and had to cut away extra fabric in the leg. I also decided not to line it and used bias binding out of the same material for finishing the neckline and armholes. I love the way it came out and might make another in a more breathable fabric or maybe stretch denim for summer.

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