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DIY Denim tube top and Ruffle skirt

Hey y'all! Long time no DIY! I have been busy so there's a lot to post. I've been thrifting my little heart out. Mostly experiencing joy from deconstructing and then reconstructing things, just to see what I can come up with. I've also been excited about seeing how many scraps I can use and reuse. Denim is my medium of choice currently. So this week I made two things: It's giving 90s retro glam with an ankara twist.

I started off with two pairs of black jeans. I took both pairs and cut them just below the crotch. Then I seam ripped the inseams in the front and the back. I overlapped the legs so that there is one opening. Because it's stretch denim, the waistband acted as a perfect closure for the tube top. I did want it to be more fitted so I added two darts in the back and boning to the front following a bustling. I also added grommets to the side. I wish I'd had something other than chording to tie it with but it came out pretty good none-the-less.

For the skirt once I had the legs cut off ( which I'll be using in a different project) I sewed close to the seam and threw it in the dryer to create a fraying effect. I then cut 4 rectangles 80 inches each of Ankara fabric I had leftover in my stash and sewed them together then gathered them to create two ruffle tiers. I used some black broadcloth to create a second layer to attach the bottom ankara ruffle. Once that is assembled, I place the other Ankara tier on top of the broadcloth layer so that you see two tiers. Then place the denim cutoffs over the Ankara layer making sure the frayed edge overlaps and hides the raw edge. Stitch on top of the previous stay stitch line until everything is attached and you're all done. Now admire your work!

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