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DIY Upcycled denim halter top

Hey guys, I hope everyone had an excellent Labor Day weekend. I'm still on my up-cycle kick and I really wanted to create a halter from old jeans. This is probably one of my favorite upcycles so far. It was pretty fast and fun.

For this I used two pairs of denim jeans. I started by seam ripping the outside side seams and laying the jeans flat. Then I seam ripped the waist band of this pair of jeans and the front part of the second pair and set them aside.

For the pattern, I used the same halter pattern I used for the upcycled dress shirt. I placed the front center bust piece on the front jeans. Then, for contrast I cut the side bust piece using the back pant legs so that I could include the pocket. Using upcycled pieces is always fun because it starts to feel like a puzzle. Sometimes you have to get more inventive to create something new out of limited resources and it makes your brain work differently.

The next step is to sew the bust pieces together. I then serged all the edges, but if you don't have a serger you can zigzag stitch over the edges for a clean finish. Next we're going to use the front waistband pieces we seam ripped to cover the side bust seams so it creates a border. I kept the buttonholes and buttons on respectively since we'll be using them to fasten the garment. So I placed the right side waistband half on the right bust piece edge making sure the button was at the top of the bust. Then did the same with the other side making sure the button hole is at the top.

Once you have the bust pieces sewn together I used a basting stitch to loosely gather them. We're going to use the full waistband that we seam ripped earlier as the bottom band for your halter. Place each piece in the middle. You might want to decide how much space you want in between the bust cup pieces or if you want them to overlap, depending on how much cleavage you have this might make a difference. Then pull the gathering stitches to fit and sandwich them between the waistband pieces, then topstitch. I kept all the belt loops in tact so I tacked them down where they overlapped with the breast cup pieces. Where they hung free I cut the belt loop short and top stitched.

For the neck strap I used the back piece of the waistband we cut earlier. I hammered in a denim button on one side and put a buttonhole on the other. Because we used a partially assembled waistband for the halter band you should be able to fasten it behind your back using the button/buttonhole in that area. How'd it turn out? Pictures below

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