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Hey guys!!! Welcome back. It’s Mother’s Day, and I hope everyone has had time to spend with their amazing mothers. I have been hard at work on a clients prom dress and so this weeks make will be a throw back to a coordinate set I made a while ago using simplicity Pattern S9114: A Mimi G exclusive.

Listen, not a bad word can I ever say about this woman’s patterns. Even when my cupboard is overflowing I still stock up when I see her patterns on sale because she never misses and this is no exception. I did taper the leg a little for more of a trouser look. But I tend to wear them rolled. I tend to wear the top with EV—ER—Y—THING. Jeans, skirts, shorts—all of it. That’s the best thing about coordinates is that they are designed together but if done right can be broken up and it doubles your wardrobe.

I used this delicious peach Ankara leaf print fabric that I found on Etsy, which is amazing affordable resource for Ankara by the way especially if you’re just buying by the yard. Because its Ankara, it has less drape and more structural (something to keep in mind when picking fabrics) but it’s what I was going for so it worked.

All in all a win and will def make again.

Pattern: simplicity S9114

Size cut: Top 14, Pants: Graded from 16-20

Fabric Ankara from Etsy

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