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Cross body: DIY drafted keyhole dress

Hello guys. Can’t believe we’re heading into the last week of June. What?? It’s a little surreal. And with all of the things Going on in the world lately, I needed a little joy through some sewing and drafting. So I grabbed my mannequin and went to work.

First I did some mindless scrolling through Pinterest for some inspiration. I realized that I kept seeing this top everywhere…

I thought— I can absolutely do this and decided to make it a bodycon dress. So I dug through my stash (I’m trying to do better about using fabric in my collection before buying anything new…but anytime I see pretty things I buy them) and pulled out this Animal print Jersey that I scored at Michael Levines years ago in the clearance bin. Bingo!

I used an old pencil skirt that still fits perfectly to draft the skirt portion.

Next I used my dress form and style tape to create style lines for draping. I’m very new to this process and have only previously attempted this on non stretch woven fabric. The thing I forgot to allow for was the stretch of Jersey knit material.

Once the pattern was completely draped I traced the pieces respectively to get the bodice pattern. I then added 5/8 seam allowance around each——which I shouldn’t have done. After everything was all put together I had to cut away a bunch of fabric to make it fit better Which was about 5/8 possibly a little more. So if you’re looking to draft a pattern like this one, bear that in mind.

Where it didnt seem to be affected was the front facing straps. The back straps needed to be shortened and the bridge was too thick where it sat at my breastbone, but all of this was a teachable moment so now I know what to do for the next one, which I can see an array of prints/patterns/colors working with this.

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leslie donato
leslie donato
24 mar 2023

I really love your design and fashion. Your post is very helpful to me, Thank you!



Me gusta
Xewene Fendor
Xewene Fendor
29 mar 2023
Contestando a

Thank you! I’m glad it was so helpful

Me gusta
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