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DIY Ankara coordinates

Hi y’all! Hope everyone had a fantastic week. I definitely did. This week was Liberian Independence Day and so of course we have another Ankara set in honor of the 26th! (Like I need an excuse to make something with Ankara.)

The pants I started a while ago and finally created the top to go with it. I decided to make an appliqué edging (my first time trying my hand at this) It helped that the shape of the design wasn’t too complex. I cut a small part of the Ankara design and cut the same shape from a fat quarter. I bonded the two shapes together with heat and bond.

I used fray check all around the free edges. Then I placed the appliqué on top of the tube top just away from the edge. Then I attached it with a zig zag stitch. I’m definitely going to try something more complicated. It would be cool to make a whole dress out of these… but tedious I'm sure.

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