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DIY Contrast 70s halter top featuring Simplicity S5555

Good morning y’all,

I’m back! So sorry about the long long absence, I had a lot of projects for clients and personal projects to finish last month but we are back and rolling with a lot of ideas for the rest of the year (can’t believe we’re so close to the end of 2022).

This weeks make is a vintage knit pattern by simplicity S5555. I Looovvvee Loovvvvee Loooovee a vintage pattern, especially this one. One of my favorite style decades is the 70s. Even with all the polyester. I prefer a flare or wide leg Jean because it’s more flattering and elongates my frame. So of course I need a contrasting halter and that’s where this simplicity pattern comes in.

I would really recommend this pattern for beginners because it’s only 4 pieces and you can definitely put it together in one afternoon. The coolest thing about it is it can be worn 4 ways. I’ve only demonstrated 2 below. It can definitely be layered during the colder months with a chunky sweater and voila!

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