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DIY day to night loungewear

Hey y'all! The holidays are coming up and I know for many of us that means Pajama parties, on pajama parties on pajama parties. I personally cannot wait to be tree side in my Jammies with the whole fam. And this Ankara Pajama set is going to be perfect for that.

I used a pajama pattern by Dressy Talk Patterns that I found on Etsy.

I love that this sewing pattern has an alternative view with shorts. (Those will be perfect for summer) I used this African print classic Ginko Vlisco print, which I adore and have had in my stash for some time.

I also got some rose embroidered mesh from downtown and decided to make a bralette to go underneath. I also got this pattern from Etsy.

The one criticism I have is that the sizing is off ( it's a pretty big criticism.) I had to add more fabric to the bottom because while undertook is in a full nip-slip is not. Other than that a cute pattern and I will use again, but I'll adjust it first.

I really wanted to elevate the whole outfit to be worn either day or night. That meant upscaling it a bit so I added fur trim that I got from Amazon. The trim was a bit flimsy but I laid it on top of the cuff in layers just as an accent. I love the way it came out, it's giving rich Auntie vibes.

I'm definitely going to throw on some nice heels and jewelry and take this out on the town. The great thing about African print is that it is so versatile. You can't look at it and say it's only meant to make one thing.

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