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Von Trapp inspired dress

Hey yall! So I went to JoAnns during 4th of July and managed to get a few patterns including Simplicity S9779 designed by Madylynne intimates. I love her patterns and this one was pretty easy. As soon as I saw it I thought...."the hills are alive, with the sound of music..." Can you just see it?

I had this gingham that's been stashed away for a year or so and I thought this be perfect. It's giving take me to a picnic and it's so lightweight and perfect for summer. I do feel like the pattern runs a little big so I could have cut it a little smaller and adjusted the back bodice piece. I actually cut a second dress in a Chambray so us will adjust it on this version.

I love that it's corset inspired and it provides structure without being too constricting. I do wish I'd cut the ruffle pieces a little differently because I couldn't match those bottom seams for anything but another solution for next time.

Here's the final result... How did I do?

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