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DIY Zebra print cutout dress ft. Mimi G simplicity pattern

Hey y’all! Happy Labor Day! First of all this heat…what the bleep! Hope everyone is staying cool because Mother Nature is not joking around! I mostly spent the weekend lying very still positioned strategically in front of the AC.

The weather, along with my genuine attempt not to buy any new patterns gave me a need to modify something I already had in my stash. I decided to pull out Simplicity S9370. I loved it at first glance, especially the cut out and sash feature.

In it’s original form it’s a mock turtleneck with both a short sleeve and long sleeve view. Perfect for a Midwest or east coast fall but not so much for a California fall. California said you get summer, summer light then winter. Lol. That being said there was one thing to do….MODIFY.

Now because of the mock turtle neck bodice I couldn’t just take off the sleeves. I decided to run bias tape along the armhole and make straps that tied at the shoulders. Voila…problem solved. I also used the skirt in view C for the shorter length and created a slit for more of a breeze.

I was happy with it.

I found this Zebra print knit fabric from downtown L.A. which I must say was perfect for this project. I styled it with these green shoes I got from and sunglasses I got from Nihao jewelry and I just gave out rich Aunty vibes for anyone in close proximity lol.

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