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Happy 2023

Happy new year y'all!

We're only two weeks in and this year has already had it's share of plot twists including but not limited to family health scares and someone the water pipe off our property in the dead of night...hence the extended absence. But I'm back and so ready to start off with some exciting projects.

This year I'm focusing on growth, and sometimes the only way to do that is examine a past failure, so this week I'm looking at McCalls pattern.... This was definitely not my favorite. I lovingly call it the "cold shoulder" dress. There were a few issues--- first off knits are not typically my favorite medium because of the hem. I bought a twin needle and used my steam iron (up until it broke again this year I tell ya) but something about the overall pattern still wasn't meshing for me.

A pro of this pattern is that its only 5 pieces, but it could've been 4 because the front and back skirt piece are exactly the same. But the big con for me is how the bodice and skirt connect. It's supposed to be done with an o-ring. The one I had might have been too small because it left me with a lot of excess fabric, more than it should have. But that didn't make sense because a larger ring would have been extremely awkward so I scrapped the o-ring and put a drawstring in instead. Still awkward---but it solved at least one problem.

Overall it looks cute in pictures but it's a hot mess, it feels like im just wearing a piece of fabric wrapped around me a couple of's a no for me but I'm sure others had better luck?

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