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Infinite possibilities

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing lovely, ugghh I have been struggling through this week after an ear infection. I took a much needed week off to rejuvenate. But first I did a little bit of traveling to Hotlanta (does anyone really call it that?) during the most expensive weekend due to all the graduations. Got to see my bonus sister walk the stage and what a proud moment!

This made me realize that the world is her oyster and she’s got a myriad of options ahead of her….a world of “infinite possibilities“. Kind of like the dress I wore…

For this week I decided to draft an infinity dress. I‘ve always wanted one and don’t know why it took me so long to make one. Especially after constructing it and realizing it’s literally a bunch of rectangles. Honestly, it was that easy. 2 long ones for the bodice strips. 2 respectively for the front and back waist bands, 2 for the back skirt and one for the front. The difference between them would be math…(tutorial coming soon)

The versatility of this dress is key! You can dress it up or down depending on your needs. You can configure it to be more sexy or demure to go from church to brunch or a special event like a graduation.

It was the perfect solution and it was so hot that weekend I was extremely thankful I was able to tie it for maximum breeze access. Honestly I’m still learning new ways to tie it. I’m kinda surprised that it was invented by an African woman…if you know what a lapa is you’ll understand.


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