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Remixes & Greatest Hits: How updating and mixing common patterns can be an innovation.

Hi guys! Welcome back! This week we're mixing patterns. Double entendre. Not only are we using two different fabrics but, we're also using two patterns to create one look.

PATTERN NAME: For the blazer dress we returned to McCall's M7997. We've already discussed its construction but the new thing we did this time was using contrasting fabric at the collar, using a contrasting facing at the sleeve instead of a lining and adding a contrasting fabric band to the bottom of the dress. It's giving prep school chic and I'm not mad at it.

SECOND PATTERN: Simplicity 8554. This pattern has 3 views. This is a one layer sewing pattern with an upper facing for the collar and main jacket pieces.

ALTERATIONS: I knew I wanted to make this a full trench coat, so I combined the length of view A with the sleeves from view C. I also altered the sleeve to a raglan pattern and used contrasting fabric in that area.

The front plaquette was a little too long and square for me so I angled and shortened it. I also decided to fully line it and added some custom painted buttons and called it a day.

I love how hacking a pattern gives you the freedom to customize something the way you want it. It's the fastest way to create something entirely new while using an already constructed pattern as its base.

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