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"Underneath it all": Hibiscus Robe and Black Beauty pattern review

Hello all! This week we're talking about undergarments. I know I know I'm nearly naked on the internet, but it's with good reason. Stay with me we used three patterns this week. I know we're increasing as we go...but this is the max I promise. These patterns were amazing. I was a little intimidated to work with an intimate's pattern because everything is so delicate, but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

PATTERN: Black Beauty by Emerald Erin Sews (Pattern here).

ADJUSTMENTS: I left of the powerbar

This is a PDF pattern that I absolutely fell in love with. It's easy to customize and there's probably 1 million variations that you can come up with to make this the only bra you'll want anyone to see. I used this chocolate brown and chartreuse embroidered lace that I found on Etsy and lined it with a neon yellow stretch mesh to make the colors pop. There's no reason that your underthings can't be just as interesting as what you put on over them.

For the undies I used the vera panty pattern (pattern here)


This pattern was pretty straightforward and really quick to put together. I'm now so hyped that I can make my own underwear. I feel like a real renaissance woman.

Now for the fire finisher---

PATTERN: The Hibiscus Robe from mood fabrics.

ADJUSTMENTS: Only one LOTS and LOTS of tulle. The pattern calls for fur trim for the hem of the robe and sleeves, but the tulle made it lighter and gave it a lot of movement. I ended up using about 16 yards of bridal tulle that I got from 3 different JOANNS stores. I chose this lovely Burnt Sienna color that comes off a little more coral. Listen this THANG is fancy!!! A gathering foot and a lot of patience definitely came in handy for this project as it made it easier for lots of beautiful ruffes. Want one of your own? EMAIL ME

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