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Up cycled denim vest and Maxi skirt

Hey y’all, I’ve been on a denim kick lately. Like denim-on-denim-on-denim. Remember the infamous Justin/ Britney full denim look from the MTV music awards? Ok like just shy of that. At one point denim on denim was a fashion crime and it might have been because of this very moment . But apparently it’s back, so off I went to the thrift store.

I wasn’t looking for anything specific. Usually when I buy anything from Goodwill it’s with the intenot to take it apart so I’m never too precious about fit. I never even try things on, but I lucked out and found these light wash Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that fit me perfectly, So what did I do? Take them apart! Yeah I’ve been seeing Maxi skirts everywhere and decided to try a hack.

I quickly got out my seam ripper and open the jeans at the inseam. That Will leave you with a triangle slit in the front which was ideal for me. I overlapped the seams just under the zipper folded under the seam allowance and top stitched. In the back we’ll have to do some finagling. Because of the rise/seat created the pieces will not lay as flat so you’ll need to match the seams from the front side of the skirt and the back and shave off the excess. Then like you did in the front, overlap fold over seam allowance and press.

Then take a pair of donor jeans cut one of the legs and open it up at the side seam. Then insert into the triangle space you’ve just opened up. Top stitch the seam allowance so you’ll end up with one complete skirt. Now turn your skirt inside and cut away the excess. Then your done. So fast and so easy!

Now for the fun part. I used the Sewing and the City vest pattern to create a contrasting denim vest.

First pick your denim. You’ll need two contrasting colors. Then open them up at the seams to give you enough real estate to lay out your pattern Pieces. Once you are satisfied with the pieces construct the vest by following the pattern instrunctions.

The thing I love about this pattern is it’s so versatile. You can definitely create it with a million different types of fabric. with denim it becomes more structured so I wore it as a top. The straps are a bit too long so I will shorten them on any remakes but other than that…super satisfied.

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